My $.02 On The England v Sri Lanka T20

Right up front let me make it clear that my 2 cents are completely worthless.  I don’t have a whole lot to say about the match other than that i am looking forward to it. I am no expert on either team, but I am definitely sure it will be tougher on England than the test series was.

I really only have three comments to make. Th first is that I am very happy to see Swann on the squad. He has been my favorite player for some time and I’m glad he is not being rested. England will need him, maybe even in the first few overs. It will be interesting to see how Broad uses him.

Which leads to the second topic, Stuart Broad. I do not know enough about Broad to be either critical or excited. What I will say is that I hope he does well. Maybe he has what it takes to be aggressive and really push for wickets. It’s too bad they are only playing one match. I have a feeling that the focus will be on the match being a preview of the ODIs. I hope Broad is given many opportunities to captain before his destiny as captain is determined.

One person who is guaranteed to make Stuart’s job much harder is Lasith Malinga. This man can be a serious game changer. I am not only impressed by his unique action, which is entertaining to watch, but his ability to take wickets. I will be shocked if he doesn’t get at least 2.

So that’s it, really, I know there is a lot more to the story and maybe someday my opinion will matter because I will have something of value to say. I am hopeful for an England win, but Sri Lanka is not to be underestimated.


Been A Long Time

For anyone who actually read this blog, I apologize for the lack of posts over the last few months.  I had intended to post much more often during the IPL, but work got in the way.  An awful lot has happened since my last post both in cricket and personally.

Most importantly, I found out the I am going to be a father in January.  My wife and I are about to have our first child.  Still have a few more weeks before we know whether it is a boy or a girl yet, but does anyone know where I can get an England ODI onesie?  Secondly, I am hoping to get connected with some people in my community that play cricket from time to time.  I am looking forward to learning more about the game by picking up a bat.

In cricket My Knight Riders did better than they ever have, which is wonderful.  I am very excited that they still have a chance to get into the Champions League in the Fall.  The last match of the season (the last over specifically) was a massive heartbreak though.  The test series between England and Sri Lanka was hampered by rain and the last match in particular was hit hard.  I couldn’t believe England managed to win the first match and they should have been able to win the third if rain hadn’t gotten in the way.  The captaincy change for England is going to make the T20 and ODI matches more interesting and I think Sri Lanka will put up a better fight in those games.  Malinga is a beast.

I recently changed to Verizon for my cell phone and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to stream cricket from  I am happy to report that even though it skips more that AT&T did, I am able to stream cricket even while in the car.  I was able to watch continuously from Orlando to Savannah, very impressive.

I hope that my next post will be a lot sooner.  I will try to get back to a once a week schedule if I can.